Demo Reel 2011

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's lately night, I'm still awake. ( @.@ )

Finally my demo reel 2011 has done uploading on Vimeo.

This demo reel, I compounded some of my school projects and the projects that I participated during my internship like the TV3 station branding promotion videos, tracking footage & etc..

" Mum, I DID IT !!!! " (ToT)

After 4 years, I finally finish my degree & I am a fresh graduate now. That's really sad leaving my Uni friends, lecturers & campus. ( T-T )

It's time to me to walk out the world and start my journey.
( Working life... )

The journey will be to learn to become more high level on CG,
and create my fantasy future.

I hope that this demo reel can help me to get a chance to work at other country.

I'm also looking for freelance job.

Hope you guys enjoy my demo reel.

Thanks for watching.
( XD)

The Last 50 Days

Sunday, March 7, 2010


:::: The 50 Days 1 ::::
(1440 x 900)
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:::: The 50 Days 2 ::::
(1440 x 900)

Yesterday I was arranging and planning for my final project's timetable.
" Oh my god!!! it only left 50 days from now!!! "
I'm worried about it. @@"

After I had done my timetable, suddenly I got the motivation for doing this wallpaper.
Hope it can give me full motivation to finish my work & remind me the deadline is nearer & nearer!!!

OMG!!!! T-T

Track Moving Object ( test )

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Testing how to track a moving object & replace a 3d object...

* Another link, recently blogspot video got problem. so I upload to vimeo. *

At first, I'm trying this for my project idea. My shoulder is wearing a hard armor. Actually this time my project is shooting my actor in front of green screen and 3D evironments are required. My first concept idea is an unfeeling+evil king with a set heavy armor is going to control the world. But a set of heavy armor is hard to find here. no costume, so I'm thinking to track my actor and put a set of 3d armor on him. but it has big posibility to fail it. So I need to get a new concept or idea for my this time project.

Hope this testing can help me alot in my project soon ^^

Idea, idea faster come into my head please~ T-T

The 17th Century Arsenal ( Dynamic Test )

Saturday, January 16, 2010


DVD Cover

:: Making + Final Video ::

This is the project for my short semester. It is a dynamic project. The requirement of this project is to choose one of locations have been given and follow the theme of the location. I pick the old wooden house and it is fantasy theme.

I made my location to become an arsenal in 17th-century Europe war. You can see 'the making of' in this video, for example 3d modeling& texturing, camera tracking and dynamic scene. In the end, the video will show you final video looks like.

My Colosseum


Colosseum is my Computer Animation & Modeling's project when I was in Gamma second semester. The project's requirement for VFX is using maya to reconstruct a historical building. I picked Colosseum as my reference.

Showreel 07+08+09(Half)

Friday, January 15, 2010


This showreel is showing some works that I had done in last 2years. Including vfx, mix media animation, motion graphic, rotoscoping and typo. Hope next 2009 showreel will be coming soon.

A Mad Robotic Scientist's Lab (VFX-Photorealism-The making of)


DVD Cover
" A mad scientist is perhaps among the smartest in the world, but he or she is insane. Mad scientists have their own weird experiments that they carry out; sometimes to prove themselves to the world. In a mad scientist's laboratory, there are unique tools, weapons, machines and other things that we cannot imagine. A nameless & mad robotic scientist is going to threaten this world. Is it, the doomday coming? Who can save us? "

“Mad Scientist’s Lab - Room interior (Location photo)” is the theme of my semester 1 project in my gamma year. I made the room to become a mad robotic scientist's lab. The “Mad Robotic Scientist’s lab” created using the original photo and added 3D elements. Make it believable, make it real.

3D Props

The making of...
:: Original Photo ::

:: Photomanipulating ::

:: pre-Composition ::

:: Final image ::

More info?? Watch the video!!! XD

:: The Mad Robotic Scientist's Lab ::

Music by Nor Elle - Red sky