Demo Reel 2011

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's lately night, I'm still awake. ( @.@ )

Finally my demo reel 2011 has done uploading on Vimeo.

This demo reel, I compounded some of my school projects and the projects that I participated during my internship like the TV3 station branding promotion videos, tracking footage & etc..

" Mum, I DID IT !!!! " (ToT)

After 4 years, I finally finish my degree & I am a fresh graduate now. That's really sad leaving my Uni friends, lecturers & campus. ( T-T )

It's time to me to walk out the world and start my journey.
( Working life... )

The journey will be to learn to become more high level on CG,
and create my fantasy future.

I hope that this demo reel can help me to get a chance to work at other country.

I'm also looking for freelance job.

Hope you guys enjoy my demo reel.

Thanks for watching.
( XD)